Church History

A look-back ... 

Rev. Samuel Wilson began a pioneer work conducting worship services in a tent on Talbot Street, Blenheim.
Rev. Gordon Mills was instrumental in moving the church to a hall at 58 Talbot St. W. and in 1937,
the first Glad Tidings Tabernacle was built on Ellen Street. The following men also pastored the church while it was
on Ellen Street.

Other Pastors and their tenures

Rev. Ron Crossman (1964-1967)

Rev. Wesley Janzen (1967-1969)

Rev. Victor Brown (1941 – 1943)

Rev. Bruce  Stalwood  (1943 – 1947)

Rev. Bill Churchill (1947 – 1950)

Rev. Don Norcross (1950 – 1952)

Rev. George Eizenga (1952 – 1954)

Rev. Douglas Rudd (1954 – 1958)

Rev. Willard Chapman  (1958 – 1961)

Rev. Edward Oakey (1961 – 1964)


In 1969 Rev. John Shepherd became the senior pastor with a dream for a new expanded work in Blenheim. In May of 1972, a new church was dedicated on Catherine St. Rev. Shepherd was succeeded by Rev. Bill Lavender (1974 – 1978), Rev. Clayton Cook pastored during 1978 but died suddenly and was succeeded by Rev. Rick Hiebert (1978 – 1982)


In 1982 Rev. Ron Matheson became the senior pastor and was instrumental in fulfilling his vision for yet a larger facility. In June 1988 the congregation took a huge step of faith by implementing a building program to raise funds for a new church. For 2 years services were held at the high school while the new building was being constructed. In February 1992, the church moved into the new facilities on #3 Hwy. This new church was renamed Glad Tidings Community Church.


In March 1996, Rev. Douglas Rowley became the senior pastor of the church. During his 8 year pastorate, he introduced the “Mustard Seed” program to reduce the indebtedness of the church. This has been accomplished as God has blessed and continues to bless the congregation and the debt continues to come down.

2004– 2012

In May 2004 Rev. Ken Powell accepted the invitation to become the new senior pastor of Glad Tidings Community Church. Pastor Ken will be remembered by the congregation as a true and faithful servant of God and a leader who became known as “The Events Pastor”. Glad Tidings hosted a multitude of special events that made GT one of Chatham-Kent’s favorite places to be to celebrate family and fellowship within the community.


In September 2012 Eric Revie was elected to the Senior Pastor position by the congregation. Pastor Eric has been serving the church as an Assistant Pastor since 2009.

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