Kidzone Tuesday Nights

 We want to make sure you know what's going on with  Kidzone this winter. 

Children can choose the activity they will participate in throughout this Winter's term! Check  them out  below:

Sports: Children will participate in various sports that change each week. 

 Cooking: Children can learn some new skills in cooking as they learn to make different snacks and goodies. Some of these snacks will be used to help others in need.

 Dance: Children can learn new dance moves and get ready to perform on one of our Family Nights and Family Sundays.

Young Leaders Development: 
This is a new program for children in Grade 1 to 6 who wants to increase their leadership skills and learn some new ones in leading others. Children will learn skills that they will put into practice with their peers, as well as, learning how to run sound, lighting, projection, and video.

 Kidzone Spark: This program is for all of our children from age 3 to SK where they'll participate in crafts, hear stories, and have time to play with friends in our playroom.

 Please note: Children in Kidzone Spark may choose to participate in an elective activity (except Sports) or remain in Kidzone Spark. Children from age 3 to SK must be signed out by their parent, guardian, or another person authorized to drop them off and pick them up each night.

 Giving Back: This Winter, we'll also be undertaking a project to help another church in need as they serve their local community.
 Kidzone Spark and Kidzone Refuel will resume
on Tuesday, January 17th at 5:45 pm.


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