Missions & Outreach

Missions & Outreach


Sew on Fire

Our message is very clear: people helping people, sending the love of God in a tangible format as humanitarian aid to a hurting world. We do this through creatively packaged and designed gift bags (over 100,000 gifts to date) delivered to the fatherless, foster children, widows, single moms, prisoners, the homeless, the poor and the suffering all over the world. Schools, service groups, churches, corporations, and an army of volunteers have pitched in to help. You and your group can be a vital part of this ministry.

Sew on Fire in Blenheim began as a branch of Sew on Fire from Burlington, Ontario.


Teen Challenge

Mission Statement

To provide faith-based residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers funded by donations providing spiritual, academic, and vocational training, equipping individuals to return to society as responsible citizens.

Core Values

• We believe that the transformation process happens best in a long-term residential setting for people with substance abuse problems.
• We believe that all life-controlling drug addiction problems can be permanently overcome.
• We believe that a balance of love and accountability needs to permeate every aspect of the Teen Challenge residential setting for the individual to succeed in the program—and subsequently in society.
• We believe that God is the catalyst for the chance for people with life-controlling drug and alcohol problems.
• We believe that excellence best serves the people we help and therefore we are committed to excellence in everything we do.
• We believe that the people we serve are best helped with teamwork from all sectors of society, including staff, volunteers, government, and the community at large.


Mission Aviation Fellowship

Marcel & Kelly Boers, Mission Aviation Fellowship

Marcel, Kelly, and Ethan Boers are living and serving in Lubango, Angola wit Mission Aviation Fellowship. Marcel is serving as an aircraft maintenance engineer, maintaining three planes that MAF uses to fly doctors, church leaders, medical evacuations, and NGOs around the country. Kelly is serving as a teacher in various roles as well as a busy mother to their son Ethan, born in April 2015. Angola is a large country in southern Africa with a significant rural population that lacks access to quality healthcare, education, and other amenities. Fortunately, with the help of MAF, these rural populations are able to receive medical attention and the love of Christ.


Mark & Kim Steinfield

Mark & Kim Steinfield, Spain

After serving for thirteen years in Armenia, the Steinfields have moved to Madrid, Spain where they are partnering with Salem Churches. Mark works alongside the Salem leadership to establish a Bible school, and Kim is engaging in marriage ministry. In addition to their ministry in Spain, Mark and Kim both serve on the Eurasia Region’s lead team. Mark oversees education initiatives in the region, and Kim provides member care for global workers. They have three energetic children: Alyssa, Madeleine, and Caleb.

Please pray for:
• A smooth transition to Spain as they set up their home, learn Spanish and establish relationships.
• Opportunities to share the gospel with Spaniards and to see them discipled in Christ.


Hector & Ruth Aragon

Hector & Ruth Aragon, Guatemala

In March 2012, this lovely couple hosted a 15-member missions team from Glad Tidings as they fulfilled a plan to reach out in blessing to mothers of newborns, minister to kids in a local school overseen by Pastor Aragon, and to help a local congregation, the Son of Justice Church, to complete their new place of worship. They then had the joy of participating in a thanksgiving service in their new church building.

In November 2014, another missions team from Glad Tidings returned to Guatemala to serve once again, helping to build a church, providing ministry to mothers of newborns, and to minister to the local communities.


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